Watchkeeping Engineer (4th Class)

Date :
2 February 2023
Position type:

Reformar is a Rimouski-based, non-profit organization lending support to marine science and technology projects since 1989. In doing so, they partner with researchers, research and training institutions, along with government and private-owned organizations. Concretely, Reformar handles the full management of a fleet of science vessels and the complete planning of its scientific missions. The management is currently looking for a Watchkeeping Engineer for the Research Vessel Coriolis II. If you feel a pull toward the domain of scientific research, have a passion for marine engineering, and love working in a team, we have the job for you!

As Watchkeeping Engineer, you will be in charge of the engine room’s safe and efficient operation, with the support of the Chief Engineer. Fun and challenges guaranteed!

Reporting to the Chief Engineer, you will…

  • Supervise and lend technical assistance to the personnel under your responsibility (oiler, ou engine room cadet).
  • Conduct repairs, maintenance and cleaning of the engine room and its equipment, in accordance with company procedures and the instructions of the Chief Engineer.
  • Ensure that environmental, health and safety policies are followed.
  • Maintain the vessel’s equipment and track progress within the preventive maintenance system (SINEX).
  • Ensure safe, efficient and on time operation of the propulsion and auxiliary systems of the engine room.
  • Become familiar with all engine room procedures, along with the working prerequisites of all mechanical and electrical machines, such as valves and pumps.
  • Assist in the accomplishment of company objectives by performing other related duties as required.

Requirements, skills and professional qualities sought:

    • Valid Transport Canada Marine Emergency Duties (MEDs) certificates (obtained in the last 5 years).
    • Valid Transport Canada Ship personnel with designated security duties certificate.
    • Valid Transport Canada STCW certificate as a 4th class engineer.
    • Valid Transport Canada Marine Medical Certificate.
  • MARITIME EXPERIENCE: We are looking for an experienced marine engineer who makes everyone’s safety their priority: someone autonomous and versatile!
  • FRENCH: Bilingualism is an asset, since most of our crew and clients are francophones.
  • LEADERSHIP: We are seeking a person who can share their positivity with others and lead the team forward.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: This will be a daily challenge, staving off routine and making every day’s work an adventure! So, yes, it’s essential to be able to “take charge”.
  • TEAMWORK: The Coriolis II’s team being small, we greatly value efficient and respectful communication with colleagues, clients and partners.

What we have to offer you…

  • A permanent job.
  • A competitive salary.
  • A key position in the management of the R/V Coriolis II’s operations.
  • Become part of a small, friendly, dynamic team.
  • Very competitive benefits (7% collective RRSP, insurance program, etc.)
  • Up to fourteen paid holidays per year.
  • Yearly reimbursement of safety boots (max $175), and reimbursement of marine medical certification every two years (max $150).
  • A 1 month ON/OFF schedule, along with flexibility within it to accommodate certain personal or family obligations.
  • A job where you won’t notice the days passing by!


How to apply :

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Attach your resume and cover letter
  3. Submit

If this short description makes you want to try your luck, send us your application to the address below!

You can always reach out if you need any further information!

Christine Lévesque

Operations supervisor

Reformar, 418 723-1986, extension 1023

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