Marine Electronics Technician (2nd posting)

Posting Closure:
January 31st, 2022
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Reformar is a Rimouski-based, non-profit organisation lending support to marine science and technology projects since 1989. In doing so, they partner with researchers, research and training institutions, along with government and private-owned organisations. Concretely, Reformar handles the full management of a fleet of science vessels and the complete planning of its scientific missions. The management is currently looking for a marine electronics technician based in Rimouski.

In short, the marine electronics technician answers to the Executive director, operating and maintaining all the scientific equipment managed by Reformar, on land and on board of its ships (Coriolis II, Lampsilis and Louis-Edmond-Hamelin). The incumbent will be working along the crew and researchers to contribute to the expedition success of the organisation.

Under the supervision of the Executive director, you will…

  • Collaborate with various teams to ensure the set-up, repair, calibration, operation, maintenance, and storage of vessels’ scientific systems before, during and after every scientific expedition.
  • Interface networks and electronic components on scientific vessels and contribute to the solving of encountered problems.
  • Keep the fleet’s inventory of scientific equipment up to date (follow-up with newly installed equipment, track their maintenance and repair status, especially the systems with electronic components).
  • Take part in the mobilisation and demobilisation of oceanographic equipment needed for various expeditions.
  • Join the fleet’s expeditions on board its ships when needed.
  • Take part in the writing of the expedition’s operational report detailing data sampling procedures, equipment problems, and the techniques used in their resolution.
  • Assist the researchers in meeting their scientific objectives during expeditions.
  • Assist other members of Reformar’s technical crew at sea and ashore according to needs.
  • Make sure that current health and safety directives are respected, and that workplaces are tidy and safe.
  • Keep up to date with relevant safety training in their activity sector.
  • Use sector-relevant software and takes part in the development of new applications.
  • Monitor technological developments in their activity sector.
  • Handle any adjacent tasks considered pertinent in a marine electronics technician’s work.

Prerequisite training, abilities and professional qualities:

  • Diploma of college studies in a domain connected to the functions (electronics, industrial electronics, computer sciences, electrical engineering, etc.) or any combination of training and/or experience deemed pertinent.
  • Proficiency with electronics and skilled in using diagnostic tools.
  • Proficiency with computers, networks, and the optimisation of associated systems.
  • Programming and mechanic proficiency would be a plus.
  • Experience with the maintenance, setting up and/or operation of oceanographic equipment would be a plus.
  • Be available to work at sea on the various ships of the fleet.
  • Excellent capacity for both autonomous and teamwork.
  • Class 5 driver’s license.

Why work for Reformar?

  • Permanent, 37.5 hours/week job.
  • Competitive salary based upon current policy (hourly wage from $29.50 to $38.50 depending on experience and qualifications).
  • Become part of a dynamic, friendly team.
  • Very competitive benefits (7% collective RRSP, insurance program, UQAR gym membership, etc.)
  • Flexible schedule accommodating for certain obligations (family/work balance)
  • A job where teamwork is a vital component of success.


How to apply :

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Attach your resume and cover letter
  3. Submit

People interested in the current posting should send their resume with a cover letter to the following address before January 31st, 2022:

Erik Lapointe

Executive director

Reformar, 418 723-1986, extension 1791

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